Smokey Contraband is the brainchild of an Anonymous Skater/Street artist who decided to shake up the Queen City streets of Charlotte North Carolina around 2010. 

A combination of a pop culture Icon reinvent in relationship with Pot culture, turned the 1952 Smokey Bear character into a sophisticated marijuana enthusiast who made the regular law abiding citizens of the World aware of the harmlessness pot and its culture.

Smokey Contraband was Inspired by creative gorilla marketing used and street artistry by the likes Banksy, Kaws and Shepard Fairy.

SC combined anonymity of Banksy, meshed with the loud and in your face style of marketing used by Shepard Fairy, as well as the creative use of public spaces as seen by the artist Kaws.

The main Idea of Smokey Contraband is to bring awareness to the harmlessness of the marijuana plans as well has well highlighting that anybody can be a consumer of Herbs.

For that reason Smokey is displayed wearing a suit, symbolizing sophistication and status. We aim to “Stay High” in all aspects of life, from high energy to high vibration to aiming the highest when we slap our stickers or high above criticism or judgment for the use of marijuana for medical or recreational use.

Currently Smokey Contraband is aiming to become recognized and respected for its a high quality products, attention to details and our provocative way of highlighting the use of marijuana in the world of fashion and lifestyle product branding.